Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Simplicity is key

I'm alive, I promise! I know my posts have become few and far between but I'm still here and I'll try and do better. No promises though.

Today I was wandering around the good old internet using StumbleUpon and came across this image:

It made me laugh so I looked up Marc Johns and found a bunch of similar drawings. Voila, I have a new second favorite illustrator (Jon Klassen is and will alway be number one). His illustrations themselves are very basic but that's one of the reasons I like them so much. He picks a lot of common objects to draw but adds an unexpected element to them and there is always a little statement underneath. They are just so random and have a childish quality to them that not many artists have anymore. His blog will definitly be added to my list of daily reads and I have a feeling that my days will be a bit brighter because of it. Here are a few more drawings from his website:

I would love some of these prints to hang up in my room, hmmm, I'm thinking Christmas list!

May X never mark just one spot!


(Images from marcjohns.com)

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Jessie-Lee said...

So is it totally weird I would want to put these in a kid's room? I mean if they are going to be a product of me they have to learn sarcasm sometime, right?