Friday, October 15, 2010

Can someone help me, please?!?

I am absolutely dying to learn how to print color photos in the darkroom. I've heard that it's complicated and hard but I don't care, I've wanted to learn for a while now. Color photography skills in the darkroom creates so many new possibilities. I keep on trying to find a class on color photography but so many people are switching to digital now that the classes that are in the darkroom are mostly on the basics. I've taken three photography classes now and want to learn something completely new. Does anyone out there know of a color photography class (in Boston) or know themselves and want to teach me? I'm getting pretty desperate here.

My other problem is that I don't have a darkroom so I can't even teach myself (which believe me would be very entertaining for all of you). The wonderful thing about being in college is that everything is right at your fingertips. I've been realizing since graduation exactly how much I depended on the school's resources. Let me tell you, I was VERY dependent. And now it is all gone just like that. I honestly haven't looked at all for a public darkroom in Boston but I did look when I was in Virginia and found nada so I'm a little pessimistic. Although that was Virginia and this is Boston so I probably should give it a chance. Even if I can't learn to print color photos I would still love a darkroom to play around in. I love darkrooms, they always feel comforting and safe. Oh why can't the real world be more like college? Tons and tons of art resources for everyone!

Well while I continue my search for a darkroom and color photography class here are some photographers who use color film (at least I'm pretty positive they do, either way they're all worth checking out):

Rineke Dijkstra
Beach Portraits
(Imgs: )

William Eggleston
Los Alamos

Joakim Eskitdsen
The Roma Journeys

I hope you enjoyed! I found all of these artists on this website. It's a great resource for finding both classic and contemporary artists.You should definitely spend some time there, it's where I always go when looking for photographic inspiration!

May X never mark just one spot!


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Jessie-Lee said...

Do it! And tell me everything. That website is awesome btw. Very. Awesome.