Friday, December 10, 2010

Where to Find a Time Machine in Boston...

I realized today that I haven't really posted anything about Boston since I announced that I was moving up here. Well today that changes! Last month, the week before Thanksgiving, I went to the Museum of Fine Arts with a friend and was very impressed with several of the collections. Being from around the DC area I have always had access to many different art museums, my absolute favorite being the Hirshhorn Museum, so I was excited to be able to go to a new museum with all new art.

Generally speaking, I always like the modern art sections of galleries the most. The MFA had some really nice pieces and a great exhibit of work by Nicholas Nixon but it was a fairly small collection, that or we just didn't find the rest. The floor plan was a bit confusing, haha. On the other hand the ancient world collections were amazing. We started off with the Egyptian art. The exhibit was beautifully set up, the lighting was perfect and the pieces were amazing. They had so much artwork! I felt like I was back in ancient times. It was definitely the highlight of my visit. They even had several tombs (at least I think that's what they were...) that were reconstructed and allowed you to go inside. After studying art history in school it's always amazing to see the pieces in person. Here are a few pieces from their Egyptian collections.

Funerary stele of Djedinheret

Shawabty of the Lady of the House of Behdetnedjmet

Shawabty of Neferseshempsamtik

Dummy Canopic Jar

Canopic Jar

And here's a photo I found of the exhibit.

(Image from

If you're ever up in Boston and want to see some great artwork definitely head to the MFA. I'm going to try to make it to the Institute of Contemporary Art next so look for a post about that. This time I won't forget my camera so I'll have my own photos to show you.

May X never mark just one spot!


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